AppleConnect: Sign in to Apple’s internal network

AppleConnect is the Apple-specific single sign-on and authentication that allows a user to access certain internal applications inside Apple’s network. This is an secure access through Apple’s Directory Services database. On OS X AppleConnect also offers access to Apple’s corporate VPN. On iOS, apps featuring AppleConnect have the option of a gesture-based login system. The user can choose between the pattern or a ”normal” password. Apple made this to internal use in employee-only applications i.e. Concierge, Switchboard for iOS devices.

AppleConnect is also an iOS and OS X Application. It provides access to AppleConnect to all the applications on the device. Latest known update is adding iOS 7 compatibility.

In order to use AppleConnect you need to be an Apple employee and have an employee listed Apple ID

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Appleconnect iOS icon.
Appleconnect iOS icon.
AppleConnect login screen on iPad.
AppleConnect login screen on iPad.




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