SmartSign: Apple’s in store kiosk app

Today we are taking a look at probably the most common App that everyone that visits a store where they sell apple products ”see”. It is called SmartSign and it is apple’s kiosk app for displaying product info on the iPads in Apple stores.


”Smart Sign is an iOS app that shows product specs and is installed on the ”Smart Sign” iPads inside Apple Stores. This app can’t be exited with the home button. There is a secret gesture to enter the app’s control center on ”Smart Sign” iPads which is shared on a need to know basis among retail employees and which has never been leaked.”

The app is very cool and even though it just shows a blank page when opened, still very very cool. I’m going to put all of my effort in and try to get it working, and if i do i’ll be sure to update this post!


When opened, it tries to search for an Apple store wifi to work
When opened, it tries to search for an Apple store wifi to work
SmartSign installed on my iPad
SmartSign installed on my iPad

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