TouchID, Apple:s app for demoing TouchID in retail stores and distributors!

Finally it is time for a new post on the AppleInternalBlog! I have had a lot to arrange in the past few days, but we are back now and will continue to improve our wiki for internal apps. If you want to contribute, please make sure to contact me! So lets kick things off with […]

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AppleConnect: Sign in to Apple’s internal network

AppleConnect is the Apple-specific single sign-on and authentication that allows a user to access certain internal applications inside Apple’s network. This is an secure access through Apple’s Directory Services database. On OS X AppleConnect also offers access to Apple’s corporate VPN. On iOS, apps featuring AppleConnect have the option of a gesture-based login system. The […]

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SmartSign: Apple’s in store kiosk app

Today we are taking a look at probably the most common App that everyone that visits a store where they sell apple products ”see”. It is called SmartSign and it is apple’s kiosk app for displaying product info on the iPads in Apple stores. From ”Smart Sign is an iOS app that shows product […]

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Hello World

I’m starting this site mostly to share information about Apple’s Internal Apps and somewhat to make an inventory of everything i have. If you want to help me to write please feel free to contact me via email or imessage Happy exploring! -Teemu Mainokset

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